Team Explorer Everywhere Console Quick Start

Today I decided to fetch sources stored in TFS to my Linux laptop. I'm not familiar with TFS source control domain model so I spend some to time to figure out how to accomplish my task.

It seems that the only appropriate tool to work with TFS under Linux is Team Explorer Everywhere which is available here:, download

Suprisely I didn't find some Quick Start tutorials on that tool so I decided to write it here.

First, you must create workspace. The command I issued to do it was:

~/TEE-CLC-10.0.0/tf workspace -new -collection:http://tfs_server_host:port/tfs/DefaultCollection myworkspace

Second, you have to create a local folder in which files will be fetched. I needed to get $/XXXInfrastructure remote directory so my command was:

~/TEE-CLC-10.0.0/tf workfold -map -workspace:myworkspace $/XXXInfrastructure xxxinfrastructure_tfs

Now go to 'xxxinfrastructure_tfs' directory and run:

~/TEE-CLC-10.0.0/tf get -login:username@domain,password

NOTE: It was strange but when I used the tool without -login parameter and entered it via prompt I got authentication error. Who knows may be I have typos several times? :) So to make it definitely work I used -login parameter.

BTW: You can use -login parameter for any command above.

That's all. Now you've got you directory fetched.

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